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very fine dancesport shoes – With the elegance of white and gold beads, this jutti is love at first site. Club this sophisticated PEARL PASSION with any outfit to get that perfect chic look. Navy blue fabric embellished with beads in the front and on the back. Perfect for any occasion and any outfit.*Ethnic Shoes/Women Flats/Handmade Indian Designer Women Shoes or Slippers/Royal shoes/traditional style WomenSPECIFICATIONS:•Upper/Panna -Fabric base embellished with white and gold beads and zari work.•Back/Adda – Fabric base embellished with white and gold beads and zari work.•Lining – Leather•Padding – Double Cushioning for extra comfort•Sole/Talla – Vegetable tanned leather soleSOLE SIZE: (Based on the feedback and marking for this particular product, list the updated sizes)•US 7——–Size 37———23.3-23.8 cms (Foot Size)•US 8——Size 38———23.8-24.3 cms (Foot Size)•US 8.5——Size 38.5——–24.3- 24.8 cms (Foot Size)•US 9 ——Size 39——–24.8-25.3 cms (Foot Size)•US 10——–Size 40———25.7-26.2 cms (Foot Size)NOTE: 1. Please mention the size you would like to order as per the size chart when you checkout. (Buyer should measure the foot from toe to heel)2. . If you are in between sizes, for example a US 8 then please go for a US 8.5, because the Juttis are made a little snug so runs small. Please order one size up.3. The products shipped will be similar as shown in the picture. There might be a slight variation as all the products are handmade.ABOUT JUTTI:Jutti is another example of rich Indian culture, heritage and artisan ship. • Inherently, Jutti/mojari, was extremely popular amongst the kings and the queens who belonged to the richest era of Indian history. • A pair of Jutti is unidirectional i.e. they have no left and right distinction and over time take the shape of the foot. • A Jutti is inevitably flat-soled with a close upper sewn to it keeping it really light weight.• Unembellished /printed juttis are used for everyday use for both men and women while beaded/embellished/embroidered juttis are perfect for wedding, festivals, parties and special occasions.• The upper section of the jutti (known as Panna) is made of a single piece of leather/textile- plain/ embellished/embroidered. The bonding of the upper and back (known as Adda) to the sole (known as Talla) is done by cotton thread which is environment friendly. Vegetable tanned leather is used for jutti making.SHIPPING OPTIONS:1. Standard Shipping via DHL Ecomm- It takes approx 8-12 business days once the product is dispatched. 2. Expedited Shipping via DHL Express- It takes approx 3-5 business days once the product is dispatched.

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Music will be heard and wine poured at the Ainsley House during a three-concert series set to start next month. The Wine and Concert Series is the brainchild of musician Chris Shahin, who will open the affair Aug. 27 along with Perry Thorsell and Jamel Ramirez very fine dancesport shoes. Shahin personally reached out to the museum about creating the series, according to Kerry Perkins, the museum’s senior specialist. “He has played at the Ainsley House during the holidays and other events, providing background music for the last 10 years,” Perkins said. “After the holidays, we spoke about his idea for a concert series.”..

The second concert, on Sept. 24, will feature harpist Dan Levitan and the Lady Finger Guitar Duo. Levitan has played in the Marin Symphony, Symphony Silicon Valley and the Ballet San Jose Orchestra. Lady Finger Guitar Duo features San Jose guitarists Eugenia Teytelman and Melody Sheppard, who have performed together for two years. The final concert, on Oct. 29, will spotlight singer Amy Dablalos and Mason Razavi. Dablalos is a San Jose native who specializes in jazz and R&B very fine dancesport shoes. She will be accompanied by Razavi, a jazz guitarist and music educator at local community colleges..

Tickets are $20 per concert and include drinks and snacks. The Ainsley House will be open for guests to explore very fine dancesport shoes. Proceeds from each concert will go to the museum foundation, which works to maintain and preserve historical artifacts, supports museum programs and provides scholarships to schools for field trips to the museum and house. “This really opens us up to bring in more people to the museum or the Ainsley House who have never visited,” Perkins said of the series. “Events like these offer a way to expose people to the museum and have them come back to our future events.”..

You know in advance that it’s going to be pretty — the exhibit at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor of hats from France’s “belle époque” at the turn of the 20th century, along with paintings by Degas and other masters of the women who wore, designed and sold them. But there’s more to “Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade” than feathered, flowered and beribboned hats and colorful paintings with fluffy details very fine dancesport shoes. It’s more thoughtful than casual museum-goers might expect. The show delves into social and commercial changes, the roles of well-known “modistes” who designed the hats and the small army of unknown women who made them, and the millions of birds who gave their lives for the feathered trim..

If the idea seems too distant, too obscure, the exhibit opens with a startling “newsreel” from 1911 and 1912 , showing a modest fashion parade of the latest hats featured at Parisian department stores, including the still-elegant Galeries Lafayette. The exhibit, organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Saint Louis Art Museum, includes about 40 hats (a few for men) displayed as if they were sculptures, and about 40 works of art from the era, not all Impressionist paintings (and not all by Degas) very fine dancesport shoes.

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