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Evans Lopez has worked in regional theater from Portland to New York, and has appeared on television and in movies toddler ballet shoes near me. Martinez was part of the national tour of the immensely popular “Mamma Mia!” and performed near her Southern California home at South Coast Repertory and Arena Theatre. In “Native Gardens,” Frank and Virginia are very curious about the backgrounds of Pablo and Tania. Their knowledge of Latin Americans is colored by an old TV show, “Chico and the Man,” and tourism. “But you are Mexican-American aren’t you?” Frank asks Tania. She asks where his ancestors are from. England. “Do you introduce yourself as English-American?” she asks..

“My family has been in the same region for over two hundred years,” she says. “Where I am from was originally part of Mexico, then it became part of the United States. We never immigrated. Yet because of how I look, my nationality is always in question.” toddler ballet shoes near me. “It’s what happens when four good people, two couples who are both pretty open-minded, have a small problem blossom into a bigger one,” said Zacarias from her family filled car. “Sexism, racism — all the isms. It’s all about the plants, beautiful and ridiculous at the same time. I never knew gardening could be so polemic.”..

The idea for “Native Gardens” came to Zacarias from an acquaintance. “I was at a friend’s house. I said, ‘I have a commission to write a play.’ My friend said, ‘Write a play about me — I’m in a fight with my neighbors.’ Well, that is common and profound,” Zacarias said. “These are very primal things. Property, taste, culture. The absurdity kind of took over, in a sense. I wanted to make a play that change which side of the fence you’re on. “Hopefully, the person you’re judging is yourself toddler ballet shoes near me. Hopefully, that’s what theater does. It provides escape and reflection at the same time.”..

The plentiful jokes in her plays are all character-based, Zacarias said. “Humor comes out of the open-hearted humanness of the situation toddler ballet shoes near me. It’s rooted, grounded in recognizable moments.”. Why theater?. “You can get stories anywhere, from TV or movies,” Zacarias said. “But theater is the one place with a sense of community. If the whole theater is crying or laughing, it’s a thing of connectiveness.” Even as “your perception changes the story. Nobody watches the same play.”. Zacarias, in the car with husband Rett Snotherly and children Nicolai, Kagi and Maia, said she wasn’t sure if she would be able to attend the TheatreWorks production..

“I’m going to try to see it. I have plays being done at five or six places this month. Pasadena Playhouse, Seattle, Boston. I’m not sure which I will be able to see.”. This despite having attended Stanford, graduating in 1991, and knowing that “a big contingent of friends are going to see it.”. John Orr is a freelance writer toddler ballet shoes near me. Email him at [email protected] What: “Native Gardens”By: Karen ZacariasProduced by: TheatreWorks Silicon ValleyDirected by: Amy GonzalezWhere: Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, 500 Castro St., Mountain VieWhen: Aug. 22 through Sept. 16, 2018Tickets: $40-$100 (discounts available; prices subject to change); http:// or 650-463-1960..

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