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Ballerina DANCE Necklace Silver Ballet Shoe w/ Sweet Bow Charm PRIMA BALLERINA by RevelleRoseJewelry

When he was 5, while his mother was signing him out of soccer at the Mountain View recreation center, Lazzarini noticed a dance class. “I was fixated on the kids in that class science of pointe shoes. I said, ‘Mom, I want to do that.’ She put me in dance the next day.”. Lazzarini also studied at the nearby Dance Attack and at San Jose’s Studio 10 Dance. He studied many forms of dance, including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, even tumbling and acrobatics. “Especially nowadays, the more well-rounded you are, the more of chameleon you are as a dancer, the more opportunities you’re going to have to work professionally.”..

Lazzarini, 32, knew early on that dance would be his life’s path. “I never imagined myself doing anything else. I loved being on stage, the rush of performing. Seeing people enjoying what I was doing pushed me to be better and better.”. At 8, he was participating in national dance competitions. “It gave me a great work ethic and a healthy, competitive attitude about life. You have to be competitive in the dance world.”. His family admired Lazzarini’s commitment and discipline, he says. Though they were supportive, some schoolmates hurled taunts science of pointe shoes.

“There was bullying that went on,” Lazzarini says. “Dance still was not an OK thing to do — especially for a guy. So I got a lot of name-calling. “It wasn’t until high school age, when I would go back and kids had seen me dancing with all these girls in crop tops and booty shorts and they were like, ‘Wait, that’s what you do?! You don’t wear tights?’ Then it was a cool thing. Once they saw that I was winning dance competitions and getting local recognition, people started going, ‘Wow, you’re not just some dorky little dancer kid science of pointe shoes. You’re actually really good at this.’ And people started to respect me.”..

Lazzarini attended Springer Elementary in Mountain View and Blach Intermediate in Los Altos. For high school, he was home-schooled, because halfway through his freshman year, he was cast on a PBS show called “Adventures with Kanga Roddy,” with Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott among its producers science of pointe shoes. In 2003, as part of the Hot Under The Collar dance troupe, Lazzarini competed on the CBS “Star Search” remake. After spending two years with the Dance Company of San Francisco, he toured Europe with the RAW dance company..

But it was “So You Think You Can Dance” that catapulted him to the forefront of the dance scene. Lazzarini won a $100,000 cash prize, plus the use of a Manhattan penthouse apartment for a year. “‘So You Think’ jump-started my professional career,” he says. “Every dancer has to be patient and wait for that one big break that can open up the floodgates. “I knew that I was going to be fine, and that, at some point, my dance career was going to take off. But the win was something that made my parents proud. They finally saw the culmination of all the money and the time and effort, all the hours in the studio, all the driving. My poor mom used to drive me to Fresno every other weekend for extra dance classes. So this showed them that all they had put into this had paid off.” science of pointe shoes.

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