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“It’s fun; it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle,” added her friend, Safa Jallali, 9. Tobin Deaker, 10, was working on the project with his classmate Will Hester, 9. “I think the cherry tree will look very cool on the wall of the school,” Deaker said. Fourth-grader Ian Dodd admitted he “wasn’t the best artist, but I’m an OK artist.” He said he enjoyed doing collages but is happier pursuing his interest in kung fu. Artist-in-residence JaYing Wang, who owns Artistic Home Paint and Glass Studio in Alameda, has created numerous mosaics at local schools, including a whimsical depiction of Otis Elementary’s school mascot — the owl — sitting on a branch with its baby owls pointe shoes walmart.

“It’s a delight to work with all the kids on campus who have contributed to this mosaic,” said Wang, whose assistant, Lorena Herriot, was also helping with the children’s handiwork. “It will be mounted on a wall facing Court Street so that it can be seen from the street and provide a peaceful, elegant space for reflection, especially for those who knew Annika and Rachel.” pointe shoes walmart. Miner Kapelke said Otis Elementary’s PTA, which funded the cherry blossom mosaic project, is also planning to install a commemorative bench near the artwork and newly planted tree..

“We are talking with the mayor and the (Alameda) Recreation and Park Department about creating other gathering spaces to honor Rachel and Annika, perhaps at Krusi Park next to the school,” Miner Kapelke said. To volunteer or donate to the memorial fund, visit https://www.youcaring.com/rachelandannika pointe shoes walmart. Principal Clem said the mosaic is not just a special tribute but also a way for people to heal and feel part of something special that will last for years to come. “The mosaic has a unique meaning for so many people,” Clem said..

I’ve observed Alameda evolve socially and demographically into a destination where there is now a thriving night life and where the Bay Area’s best kept secret (living here) is no longer a secret. Despite being in the hub of the Bay Area, Alameda has remained a relatively quiet and safe community. It has done so without losing its focus on children and family while embracing the area’s rich diversity and retaining its human scale for bicyclists and pedestrians. I’ve witnessed three children grow up and attend our terrific public schools, complemented by their participation in community activities, such as the Alameda School of Dance’s ballet, Little League Baseball, Alameda Soccer League, BVUMC basketball and Alameda High School football pointe shoes walmart. Through school and athletic events, I have met a range of wonderful families who have become lifelong friends. I enjoyed chaperoning school activities and always felt re-energized after attending back-to-school nights..

Living in Alameda meant I experienced the kismet and good fortune of seeing local band The Barefoot Quales perform at various venues. I will miss hometown institutions like Ole’s, the Fourth of July parade, Encinal Hardware and the Chuck Corica golf complex, to name but a few. I will particularly miss Dr. Mary Fisher, the best physician I’ve ever had in my 60 years pointe shoes walmart. And although my wife and I will continue to have date nights in our new location, they won’t be the same without the special market dinners at Pappo’s restaurant and the Alameda Theatre auditorium (as fine a movie palace as one will ever find) showcasing local talent on the weekends..

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