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After nine years at the helm of the Health Trust, CEO Fred Ferrer will be leaving the Santa Clara County nonprofit at the end of the year. When the Health Trust released the news earlier this month, it gave no reason for Ferrer’s departure — catching many in the nonprofit sector off guard and leading to speculation about the abrupt change. But Ferrer told a group of elected officials and nonprofit leaders who gathered Thursday for a sendoff that there was no drama to it at all. “First off, I’m not dying,” he said at the sendoff at the Mexican Heritage Plaza nordstrom toddler ballet flats. “I don’t have a disease, I did not do anything illegal, I did not have a torrid affair with any members of my staff or any of the other lovely rumors I heard throughout. I wish I could give you some great drama story, but there isn’t.”..

The real story, of course, isn’t Ferrer’s departure but everything the Health Trust did while he was there. Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager counted off many of those accomplishments while praising Ferrer on Thursday: Improving children’s dental health, including the push to get San Jose water fluoridated and opening two pediatric dental clinics; increasing access to healthy food for kids by transforming cafes at the Children’s Discovery Museum and Valley Medical Center; leading the way on HIV/AIDS prevention and striving to improve the overall health of the LGBTQ community; and supporting healthy activities for older residents like the Senior Safari Walkabout at Happy Hollow nordstrom toddler ballet flats.

“Any way you slice it, we’re sorry to be losing Fred,” said Yeager, who will no doubt be repeating many of these points when the Board of Supervisors honors Ferrer with a commendation Jan. 9 nordstrom toddler ballet flats. The tearful tone of some speakers at the reception — tinged with hope that the Health Trust would continue many of Ferrer’s favorite initiatives — definitely indicated that the change was not long-planned. Charlie Bullock, who has been chair of the Health Trust’s board since 2014, will serve as interim CEO while the agency conducts a search. Bullock, former dean of San Jose State’s College of Applied Sciences and Arts, is retiring at the end of the year from his job as a professor in SJSU’s Department of Health Science and Recreation..

Ferrer says he has no plan at the moment other than to take the month of January off for some relaxation nordstrom toddler ballet flats. Many observers Thursday — including me — don’t think it’ll be too long before Ferrer’s back at it making life better for somebody. ‘NUTCRACKER’ GIFT: For many families, seeing “The Nutcracker” is an annual holiday tradition, but seeing a live performance is just financially out of reach for many others. Thanks to a Symphony Silicon Valley benefactor, that wasn’t the case for hundreds of families this year..

The woman benefactor, who prefers to remain anonymous, attended opening night of the show featuring the Stars of the Moscow Ballet on Dec. 16 at the Center for the Performing Arts and enjoyed the program so much she purchased a $25,000 block of tickets for the symphony to distribute to families nordstrom toddler ballet flats. Symphony President Andrew Bales connected with Christmas in the Park Executive Director Jason Minsky, who got to be “Mr. Christmas” by handing out the 500 tickets — no strings attached — to families visiting the downtown San Jose holiday event..

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The problem with only listening, however, is we’re expecting aliens to take the initiative supadance shoes clearance. Maybe they’re politely reserved, like Canadians. Or perhaps they’re just sitting around waiting for someone else to speak up first. “If everyone who can send a message decides only to receive messages, it will be a very quiet galaxy,” noted Fraknoi. And studying message transmission will aid our SETI effort, said Shostak. What are the chances that someone in the cosmos might hear us? Until recently, it seemed a far-fetched dream. But now the Kepler space telescope has detected 2,950 confirmed “exoplanets. ” While most are inhospitable places, a precious few orbit in prime real estate, not too close or far from their star..

We’d need to ping a very large number of star systems to find them. But if their residents are feeling chatty, that conversation would be one of the most exhilarating events in human history. A planet called Proxima b, circling our nearest star Proxima Centauri, is one example of the sort of place we plan to target. It’s not necessarily the first or most important target; to message that planet, it would be necessary have use a transmitter in the Southern Hemisphere.  But Proxima b does have two key characteristics that make it an attractive: it’s nearby and it has a planet that some have suggested may be Earthlike and in the star’s habitable zone supadance shoes clearance.

To be sure, we’ve been publicizing our musings for years, through radio, TV and military radar. So smart aliens already know we’re here. And these signals aren’t particularly welcoming. “All those ‘I Love Lucy’ shows just say: ‘We like sitcoms in our world,’ ” said Vakoch. “They’re not saying ‘We want to make contact.’ ”. But there are several big challenges to the METI plan. These planets are very, very far away supadance shoes clearance. The closest, Promixa b, is 4.25 light years away — so any reply would take more than eight years to reach us. And it’s likelier that any intelligent civilization is hundreds or thousands of light years away..

So the wait time for a response could be longer than a human lifetime – or the lifetime of a NASA grant. Vakock calls it “an inherently multi-generational project.”. Another challenge: Perhaps our E.T supadance shoes clearance. friends will be momentarily distracted and miss our call. So we need to keep repeating a message, over time — a pattern, so it doesn’t get lost in the random noise of the galaxy. And the pattern should not replicate anything else in nature, so they know it’s us. Finally, our message can’t get lost in translation. We need a common “language,” like math and science, to converse. Scientists think that’s probably no big deal..

“If they have radio transmitters, they’re good engineers. And if you’re a good engineer, you’ve got to know that 2 + 2 = 4,” said Vakoch. “That’s true on Earth and it’s true on Proxima Centauri.”. So what do we want to say? Like a cocktail party, first impressions matter. To show off our love of math, pulsing out a simple number sequence — say, 1 through 10 — seems a good place to start. We could also tell them what we’re made of, by pulsing the atomic numbers of elements in the Periodic Table. We could message the Fibonacci sequence, revealing our world to be a place of elegantly patterned aesthetics supadance shoes clearance.

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It’s no small feat to send a pulse that outshines the sun. Founded last year, the international non-profit group will host two workshops next year, one in Paris and the other in St. Louis. It also plans to start fundraising for the $1 million annual budget needed to staff and build or borrow a powerful transmitter in a remote location. Part of the mission will be to figure out how to craft the perfect message to say “Hello.” dsi dance shoes. If only they could just hire Adele. Instead, like much else in science, the project has turned controversial..

Opposing the effort, some ask: If aliens are hostile, do we really want them to know where we are? We should turn down the volume, so we don’t draw attention to ourselves, insist science fiction writer David Brin and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking dsi dance shoes. “We have almost zero idea of whether aliens are likely to be dangerous,” wrote physicist Mark Buchanan in an August issue of the journal Nature Physics. Other experts say it’s worth waiting until we’re better conversationalists — and, then, only use well-established groups with international consultation..

We’re mere youngsters in a 13.8 billion-year-old galaxy, and “babbling babies are not always appreciated during adult conversation,” said Andrew Fraknoi, chair of the astronomy department at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills.  “Listening and learning is how children become adults, and why not try that for a while?”. Still others endorse the effort dsi dance shoes. “I’d be happy to see this done,” said Seth Shostak, senior astronomer with the SETI Institute. “I think there’s something to be learned, nothing to be feared, and at least the possibility of discovering something truly revolutionary: We have company nearby.”..

“By reflecting on how we can communicate what it means to be human to someone who is not human, we view ourselves differently,” said METI treasurer Dalia Rawson, a former dancer with Ballet San Jose and now managing director of the Silicon Valley Ballet. “By looking at our bodies, our movements, and our dance through the eyes of an alien, we gain a renewed appreciation of what it means to be uniquely human.” dsi dance shoes. There have been plenty of other efforts to connect with aliens, but they’ve come in fits and starts. So far, no one’s responded. There are no regulations for sending signals into space; anyone with a powerful enough transmitter can shout to the cosmos..

In the early 1970s, NASA’s Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft carried a message in the form of a gold plaque, then a phonograph record (stylus included). SETI’s Frank Drake beamed a radio message that could be assembled into a pictogram of images. More recently, we’ve sent arithmetic, concerts of Vivaldi and Gershwin, and the Beatles song “Across the Universe.”. SETI and UC Berkeley’s $100 million Breakthrough Listen project, funded by internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner, scans the heavens in hope of discovering some signature of alien technology dsi dance shoes.

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— Gieson Cacho. Love, Adams and Frankenstein: Some exciting, big-ticket dance works are on the horizon for 2017, two that plug into key Bay Area milestones and another that promises to be a real monster — literally ankle wrap ballet flats. Here’s a look. Cal Performances joins the John Adams’ 70th birthday bash next month, presenting a revival of choreographer Lucinda Childs’ acclaimed 1983 work “Available Light,” set to Adams’ “Light Over Water.” The work also features famed designer Frank Gehry’s set. Performances are 8 p.m. Feb. 3-5 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall; $36-$126; 510-642-9988,

Also in February, San Francisco Ballet presents the North American premiere of Liam Scarlett’s epic, three-act “Frankenstein,” set to a commissioned score by Lowell Liebermann and featuring a gothic set and costume design by John Macfarlane. Performances are Feb. 17-26 at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco; tickets are $35-$398; 415-865-2000, ankle wrap ballet flats. And Smuin tips its hat to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with its spring program, “Dance SerieS 02,” which is centerpieced by an as-yet untitled new work by famed choreographer Trey McIntyre (whose “Oh, Inverted World” has been a favorite with Smuin Ballet fans) devoted to the peace, love and tumult that consumed San Francisco in 1967. The program will be performed May 5 through June 3 in Mountain View, Walnut Creek, San Francisco and Carmel; tickets are $25-$68;

— Randy McMullen. Vijay Iyer and friends: Vijay Iyer is celebrating his new post as resident artistic director at SFJazz in high style. The accomplished pianist-composer performs in four different musical settings (ranging from duos to large ensembles) during a four-night stand, Feb. 9-12, at the SFJazz Center in San Francisco. The first night features Iyer performing duets with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa. The Feb ankle wrap ballet flats. 10 gig is a collaboration with poet-writer Teju Cole and Iyer’s large group Open City, while Feb. 11 finds tenor saxophonist Mark Shim and Oakland trumpet sensation Ambrose Akinmusire joining the Vijay Iyer Trio. The stand concludes on Feb. 12 with Iyer’s recent trio project featuring Prasanna on guitar and Nitin Mitta on tabla. Tickets are $30-$90;  866-920-5299,

After decades of fruitless scanning the skies for alien messages, scientists say it’s time to try a basic rule of etiquette: Say “hello” first. We should broadcast our own signal to E.T., rather than just waiting for it to call us, as prevailing projects have done. That’s the vision of a new San Francisco-based organization called METI, or Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence ankle wrap ballet flats. By the end of 2018, the project aims to send some conversation-starters via radio or laser signals — the mathematical equivalent of “we’re here and would love to chat!” — to nearby rocky planets, then out to more distant neighborhoods, hundreds or thousands of light years away..

It would be the first effort to send powerful, repeated and intentional messages into space, targeting the same stars over months or even years ankle wrap ballet flats. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, said Douglas Vakoch, president of METI and former director of Interstellar Message Composition at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in Mountain View, known as SETI. “If we want to start an exchange over the course of many generations, we want to learn and share information,” he said..

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— Robert Taylor. Clash of the titans: The 59th annual Grammy Awards are shaping up as a showdown between Adele and Beyonce, with the two pop music superstars going head-to-head in three of the night’s four biggest categories — album, record and song of the year. Adele became the early frontrunner with the release of the blockbuster “25” in late 2015, but it now feels like the momentum might have shifted to Beyonce, whose “Lemonade” (released in April) continues to gain critical acclaim. And unlike Adele, Beyonce has never won a best album Grammy. Meanwhile, hip-hop king Drake, alt-country darling Sturgill Simpson or pop star Justin Bieber are looking to spoil the Adele vs. Beyonce storyline. We just can’t wait to see how the whole thing plays out on Feb. 12, when the Grammys are broadcast live on CBS-TV from the Staples Center in Los Angeles cross strap ballet flats.

— Jim Harrington. Murder in Monterey?: We thought we had our fill of TV crime thrillers packed into a “limited series” format cross strap ballet flats. But then we were treated to a sneak peek at the spellbinding first episode of “Big Little Lies,” and we’re all in. Blessed with an extraordinary cast that includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern, “Big Little Lies” is a dark comedy-drama about a group of mothers of first-graders in affluent Monterey. When one of the children appears to be a victim of a schoolyard bully, tensions among the moms mount, and their seemingly perfect lives become blemished by the specter of murder..

Based on a best-selling novel by Australian author Laine Moriarty, “Big Little Lies” has impressive talent behind the camera as well cross strap ballet flats. Prolific producer-writer David E. Kelley penned the script, and Jean-Marc Vallée (“Dallas Buyers Club”; “Wild”) directed all seven episodes. The series premieres Feb. 19 on HBO. — Chuck Barney. Can ‘Zelda’ save Ninetendo?: Nintendo is entering one of the most pivotal years in its history. The company has seen some mixed success with its mobile offerings: “Miitomo” has been middling at best, while “Super Mario Run” was more successful. Meanwhile, the Wii U has not been the game-changer that its predecessor was..

On this shaky ground, Shigeru Miyamoto and company will try to regain  footing with a new console — the Nintendo Switch. Like its past systems, the Switch bucks the trend. It isn’t a powerful behemoth like the PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpion. It’s an unconventional system that seems to blend mobile and console gaming into a single package. It’s a console that connects to a dock at home and one that players can bring with them on the go as well. With any big release, Nintendo needs a killer app, and the company is relying on “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” to be that system seller cross strap ballet flats.

The 19th chapter in the iconic franchise promises one of the biggest and most detailed worlds in the series. This version of Hyrule, the Zelda universe, is reminiscent of something out of “Skyrim.” Players can scale cliffs or climb trees. They can sneak into enemy camps and ambush foes, or they can snipe at them from afar. “Breath of the Wild” appears to have the complexity that the series needs while maintaining some of the Nintendo-like elements, such as a stamina meter, to keep the game’s “Zelda” edge. From what I played at the E3 game expo, the gameplay elements work while also building on the pillar of the franchise — exploration. We’ll see if Link’s latest adventure lives up to the hype and gets Nintendo back on track when “Breath of the Wild” launches on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U later in 2017 cross strap ballet flats. An exact release date is pending..

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shoes for yoga – 5 Pieces Antique Bronze Ballet Dress & Shoes Charms. They measure about 26mm x 13mm(1"x 4/8") , and are made of zinc metal alloy (lead and nickel safe), with a bronze tone. Great for jewelry projects!(B23893)

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Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date on Bay Area and Silicon Valley news with our new, free mobile app. Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store. But among all the familiar faces and places, the one that stands out for me is the much-anticipated “Wonder Woman.” For years, no one could figure out how to get the beloved character her own film in the male-dominated superhero genre. Then, played by Gal Gadot, she showed up last year in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and nearly stole the movie. Now she has her own movie, “Wonder Woman,” set during World War I and co-starring Chris Pine shoes for yoga. It’s set to open June 2, and I can’t wait..

— Tony Hicks. Roe v. Wade on stage: Since Broadway’s hip-hop juggernaut “Hamilton” is now officially the most hyped play on the planet, there’s no need to pour any more fuel onto the pop culture fire that comes to San Francisco in March ( Besides, the Bay Area has long been a bastion of provocative and stimulating political theater, and 2017 is no different shoes for yoga. That leads us to the explosive new drama “Roe.” A world premiere co-production with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Arena Stage, this incendiary historical drama digs into the personal fallout of the landmark 1973 case that legalized abortion. Given the current climate of the country, it’s hard to think of another play with more to say about who we are as a country and where we’re headed (except maybe “Hamilton”). Playwright Lisa Loomer has always had a gift for nailing shifts in the zeitgeist, from “The Waiting Room” and “”Living Out” to “Distracted.” Directed by Ashland’s Bill Rauch, Loomer’s latest drama, which is part of OSF’s American history project, runs March 3-April 2; $29-$100; 510 647–2949,

— Karen D’Souza. CLASSICAL MUSIC shoes for yoga. An icon and a milestone: John Adams turns 70 in February, and the Bay Area will mark the occasion in style. In November, the San Francisco Opera will present the world premiere of “The Girls of the Golden West,” a Gold Rush opera by Adams and his frequent collaborator, librettist and director Peter Sellars. Before that, though, the San Francisco Symphony under Michael Tilson Thomas has a February celebration in store for the Berkeley composer. Performances begin Feb. 16-18, with Adams’ Passion oratorio, “The Gospel According to the Other Mary.” But the performance I’m most looking forward to is “Scheherazade.2.” This “dramatic symphony” for violin and orchestra — Adams ’s response to “The Arabian Nights” and the plight of women in wartime — gets its first Bay Area performances Feb. 22-25 under Tilson Thomas, with the sensational violinist Leila Josefowicz as soloist. The program also includes Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet.” The “Arabian Nights” concerts are at Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco ; $15-$162; 415-864-6000,

— Georgia Rowe. Summer of Love: Dig out the tie-dyed T-shirts and peace medallions, it’s time to celebrate — or commemorate — the 50th anniversary of the Bay Area’s “Summer of Love.”. “Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia” opens Feb. 8 at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. It will survey the intersection of art, architecture and design with the counterculture of the 1960s and ’70s. Among the highlights are Emeryville mudflats sculpture and the gay theater troupe the Angels of Light. The show will also explore the “pharmacological and spiritual means to expand consciousness.” There’s a related 10-week film series shoes for yoga. The exhibit runs through May 21; $10-$12, films $8-$12; 510-642-0808,

Meanwhile, “Summer of Love: Art, Fashion and Rock & Roll” at the de Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park will revisit counterculture trends that were taking place in 1967 practically outside the museum’s door shoes for yoga. This 300-item exhibit is more arts-oriented, with vintage photographs of the Haight-Ashbury, posters for bands like the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead, hand-painted and tie-dyed clothing, and even a re-created light show. The exhibit runs through Aug. 20; $6-$15 with possible surcharge; 415-750-3600,

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Back at the rehearsal space, her 18-year-old daughter, Diana Victoria Garcia-Colmenarez — one of the advanced students who had been working through “El Gusto” – took a break. A freshman at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, where she plans to major in earth science, Garcia-Colmenarez spent years pursuing classical ballet and jazz dance. And she’s been a folkloric dance fanatic “since I could walk,” she said. “It’s tradition. It’s family. I don’t remember a time when I missed a mariachi festival grishko ballet slippers. It’s about roots, definitely, for people who have rhythm in their soul.”..

Introduced to folkloric dance by a girlfriend when he was 17, Victor Alvarez – now 25, a college student and professional dancer in Los Angeles – took a break from “El Gusto” to explain why he had traveled more than 300 miles to attend the festival in his hometown of San Jose. “Think of it like a trance-state, when you’re into that dancing mode,” he said. “It’s an incredible feeling of happiness, of joy — toward your country, toward your culture, toward your roots.” grishko ballet slippers. Now it was almost time to go back to “El Gusto,” which means “The Pleasure.”..

“My first festival was when I was 4,” said Alexandra McGee, 11, another one of the dancers, “and after a while you just love it.”. Her friends and classmates don’t necessarily understand grishko ballet slippers. “A lot of people are like, `What kind of dance do you do?’ They know hip-hop and jazz dance. And when you tell them folklorico, they go, `Oh, the colors and the skirts, and you just twirl around.’ But they don’t understand what’s behind it, the cultural importance of the dance that we do. They don’t know there’s a story behind every dance.”..

The new year promises to be a tumultuous one, and the arts and entertainment world is ready to deliver lots of excitement grishko ballet slippers. Some of it will reflect the uneasy times, some will offer pure beauty and escapist fare. From a new “Wonder Woman” movie and celebrations of famed composer John Adams to a look back at the Summer of Love and the return of the iconic game franchise “Legend of Zelda,” here are some of the performances, shows, games and exhibits that have our arts and entertainment writers stoked for 2017..

On her own, finally: Stop us if you’ve heard this one, but franchise reboots and sequels will be flooding cineplexes throughout 2017. “Spider-Man” gets a reboot (again), as do “The Mummy” and “King Kong.” There’s a live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” on the way, and “Alien” gets another chance grishko ballet slippers. The “Transformers” will be back, and Rich Wilkes’ action franchise “XXX” gets a new chapter. There will be a new episode of “Star Wars” and more from “Justice League,” “Planet of the Apes” and “Thor.”..

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SAN JOSE — There they were, the keepers of the flame, two dozen folkloric dance students rehearsing the intricate steps to a song called “El Gusto.” It tells the story of a man and woman who commit to sharing a life of happiness and pleasure. And the dancers seemed to symbolize the lovers’ zesty spirit: the rapid resounding attacks of their footwork, the streaming colors of their costumes. The scene played out Saturday at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, the cultural center in East San Jose, home to this weekend’s San Jose Mariachi and Folklorico Festival, the 25th edition diy pointe shoe covers. The celebration of music and dance — including a Mariachi Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph and a sold-out concert at the cultural center, both on Sunday — has an up-and-down history and a solid vision..

“They don’t know it, but some of these kids are our future teachers,” said Rosalia Novotny, a folkloric dance teacher in the South Bay for more than 30 years diy pointe shoe covers. Observing the rehearsal — and taking obvious pleasure in the dancers’ exuberance — Novotny said the festival “is about passing on the fire to these kids.”. Founded in 1992 by the nonprofit Mexican Heritage Corp., the former San Jose International Mariachi Festival at one time was an enormous event. In its first incarnation, the famous band known as Mariachi Cobre performed and even led student workshops. Eventually, the Mexican Heritage Corp. recast it as “Viva Fest” — at times a monthlong event — that featured the likes of Carlos Santana and Los Lobos and filled major venues..

Despite the festival’s size, “it just always broke even,” said Bob Gonzales, who chairs the nonprofit. And when cultural funding dwindled, as it has for so many arts organizations, the group scaled back a few years ago, focusing on the music and dance workshops for young people. “The students have come to the fore,” though several of the tradition’s icons still are memorialized by the 2017 festival, Gonzales said diy pointe shoe covers. It is dedicated to “Tres Grandes Idolos,” three superstars of Mexican music who recently died: Joan Sebastian, Juan Gabriel and Don Jose “Pepe” Martinez..

On Saturday, about 85 youths – elementary, middle school, high school and college students, as well as a handful of elders – fanned out through classrooms around the plaza for instruction from some of the region’s most expert teachers of Mexican musical and dance traditions. There were classes for dancers, singers, trumpeters, violinists, guitarists and players of the guitarrón, the deep-bodied six-string bass guitar that’s featured in mariachi groups. Hector Gonzalez, director of the San Jose-based dance company Los Mestizos, took his charges through the complicated steps to a number from the Mexican state of Jalisco, generally known as the hub of mariachi diy pointe shoe covers. He isolated steps within steps, having the students practice a single maneuver, again and again: “Questions? All right, nice and tall, let’s go!” he said, sounding like a friendly drill sergeant..

In another classroom, instructor Anthony Garcia led a group of intermediate violinists through a traditional song from the state of Guerrero. “No, no, it’s a little too classical – a little too sweet for this kind of a song,” he said, inciting them to add some spice to their bow attacks. Skill sets differed, but that was hardly the point. The festival is about grooming self-esteem, commitment, discipline. “Music and dance are life skills,” said Maria Luisa Colmenarez, the festival’s artistic director and a seasoned dancer and dance director who has toured with Linda Ronstadt. “Knowing your culture is the foundation from which you can branch out and do anything. That’s the message.” diy pointe shoe covers.

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what does nmw mean in ballet shoes – This unique necklace features a detailed Enameled dark pink/Bright Gold ballet shoes with bow charm. The pendant is hanging from a gold plated round cable chain.- 18" approx chain length.- The pendant measures approx 24x11mm.♥ See more whimsical necklace here: item is individually wrapped in a branded jewelry gift box. We do not include price receipts in the package. We are happy to ship directly to the recipient.EXPEDITED SHIPPINGAt checkout, you have the option to choose faster shipping in the drop-down menu. Ship times do NOT include production times. However, if you select expedited shipping, we will try to get your order completed faster.SHOP FAQsPlease read my shop policies for my current production time and other information: handcraft every piece with great care and love. Within 30 days of your purchase, if you notice any product defect in your piece, we will gladly repair your jewelry at no extra cost. I make every attempt to capture the item photographed as it really looks as possible. Please keep in mind; colors do vary on different monitors.Thank you so much for looking!

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Jim Markhem’s letter congratulating the H1-B visa program for providing the Valley with lower cost foreign workers and lower cost Mexican construction workers overlooks the fact that many of these jobs could have been filled by higher paid unemployed American workers what does nmw mean in ballet shoes. The H1-B program has always been an excuse to lower costs at the expense of American Citizens.  H1-B is nothing more than the politicians’ gift to the industry to lower costs and take jobs away from citizens. The letter’s sycophantic tone sounds as though it was written by HR or PR to justify industry greed..

As H1-B visa employee, I agree with Jeff Markham’s post that individuals on the visa program increase the nation’s vibrancy and well-being. In fact, the program should be expanded further to include upper management workforce recruitment. In my native country, I was a seasoned VP in the technology sector, but after coming to the US I found that there are no upper management job opportunities available for those on a work visa what does nmw mean in ballet shoes. This represents an untapped job market for Silicon Valley and chance for many companies to find highly qualified professionals to bring success to their organizations..

Trump having difficulty getting A-list celebrities to perform at his Inaugural Ball–so sad. DJT should ask his Russian puppet-master–who he adores so much–to help him. Since Putin made Trump his Puppet-in-Chief of the U.S., he’d probably send the Moscow Ballet to DJT’s party to celebrate Putin’s masterful coup. Peter Gleick (Opinion, Jan. 16) makes an excellent point on water conservation: “The efficient use of water should be a way of life, not a temporary reaction to a crisis.” This precept doesn’t only apply to water; it’s true for all resources we consume as humans. Regardless of your views on the environment, it makes sense to reduce, reuse, and recycle everything we buy and use. It’s not difficult to do what does nmw mean in ballet shoes. All it takes is diligence and a willingness to change old habits. Living sustainably doesn’t diminish us. In the end, it may be the very thing that saves us..

When there is a shooting this paper and its editorials immediately jump to gun control.  When there is a celebration of a great man’s contributions to society, this paper and its editorials immediately jump to president-elect Trump bashing. Martin Luther King Jr what does nmw mean in ballet shoes. would be amazed and proud at the progress made in the last 50 years in politics, business, sports, military, entertainment  and everyday life.  Maybe not for all–but then nothing is always fair and equal for everyone. The great debate continues as to whether a controversial painting about Ferguson should be hung in our nation’s capitol. “Take it down, it’s offensive”. “Put it up to defend freedom of expression”. It must be art, for it certainly has inspired a lot of dialog and thought. Where is our country headed if we are too afraid to let a controversial piece of art remain on public display?..

Sunday evening, CBS aired an interview and retrospective with our out-going president. As I watched and listened I was struck by how decent, intelligent, well-informed, restrained, eloquent, humble, humorous, sympathetic and self-aware Barack Obama is and has been for the past eight years. John Lewis, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Holliday, Joan Baez, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and many others across the political spectrum have a valid point. Ask yourself how many of these adjectives apply, unqualified, to the president-elect what does nmw mean in ballet shoes. Donald Trump may have been voted into office by the Electoral College, but he has yet to earn our respect..

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“I’m so excited about this, because it’s our story, the story of the creation of modern-day Northern California,” Shilvock said. “It’s a story that resonates with the city and the tremendous flux we’re experiencing now.”. The fall season opens with “Turandot,” running Sept. 8-30. S.F. Opera music director Nicola Luisotti conducts Puccini’s opera, with a cast led by Viennese soprano Martina Serafin in the title role. Soprano Maria Agresta makes her company debut as Liu (Toni Marie Palmertree sings the role on September 24 and 30.) “Turandot” returns for a second run Nov. 18-Dec. 9, conducted by Christopher Franklin the history behind pointe shoes. Those performances will feature leading German soprano Nina Stemme in the title role, and soprano Leah Crocetto as Liu. Tenor Brian Jagde sings the role of Calaf in both runs..

Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date on Bay Area and Silicon Valley news with our new, free mobile app. Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store. “Elektra,” absent from the company’s repertoire since 1997, returns in a new production Sept. 9-27, with a powerhouse cast featuring soprano Christine Goerke in the title role, Stephanie Blythe as Klytemnestra, and Adrianne Pieczonka as Chrysothemis. Conducted by Henrik Nanasi – “a fast-rising star in Europe,” says Shilvock – the production, by English director Keith Warner, sets the opera in a modern museum the history behind pointe shoes. “Keith understands that this is not only a mythological piece but a great horror story of blood lust and murder,” says Shilvock. “It will be entertaining as well as quite profound.”..

“La Traviata,” conducted by Luisotti in his final assignment as music director, returns Sept the history behind pointe shoes. 23-Oct. 17, marking the U.S. debut of Romanian soprano Aurelia Florian as the consumptive courtesan Violetta Valery. Brazilian tenor Atalla Ayan sings Alfredo, and Polish baritone Artur Rucinski is Giorgio Germont. “Manon” (Nov. 4-22), last produced by S.F. Opera in 1998, features soprano Nadine Sierra in the title role and star tenor Michael Fabiano as des Grieux. Patrick Fournillier conducts. Wagner’s monumental “Ring” will conclude the 2017-18 season with three cycles running June 12-July 1, 2018. Zambello returns to direct her “American Ring” productions, first seen at the War Memorial in 2011. Donald Runnicles conducts all three cycles; casting includes Evelyn Herlitzius as Brunnhilde, bass-baritone Greer Grimsley as Wotan, soprano Karita Mattila as Sieglinde, and tenor Daniel Brenna as Siegfried..

Shilvock said Zambello’s “Ring” connects with Adams’ “Girls” in intriguing ways. “The interplay of themes of greed, ambition, corruption and the desecration of nature, so strong in both operas, makes a wonderful bridge between our fall and summer offerings,” he said. “Both productions speak to contemporary issues, particularly here in California.”. Luisotti concludes his tenure as music director at the end of the 2017-18 season.No successor has been selected, but Shilvock is already considering candidates, including conductors scheduled to appear this fall. “We want to take the time to really get to know the person, to experience them conducting, to see how they resonate with audiences. For the next couple of years, you’ll see a lot of diverse talents in the pit as we look to make that determination.” the history behind pointe shoes.

A few years ago I led San Jose State University design students in a project to radically rebrand transit in Silicon Valley. The resulting exhibition, “Design in Transit,” was posted for public comment by VTA, which began a rebrand process of their own. The results are not groundbreaking but are solid and contemporary and are presented at an appropriate time with new services such as BART coming online. Alan Heimlich’s idea (Letters, Jan 14) that taggers instead cover transit vehicles might be amusing but would not provide the clarity he advocates. With light rail as one of VTA services, renaming it “The Bus” seems backward. The design’s separate shapes accommodate most color blindness. Most unfortunate is his hope that a design team should not be compensated. Whether artists or designers, all creative workers deserve compensation. Thanks to VTA and their design team for this impressive step—it can’t roll out soon enough the history behind pointe shoes.