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Studying the sample in terrestrial labs, scientists hope to uncover clues about the birth of the planets and the origins of Earth’s water and life. They may also uncover potentially useful natural resources such as organic molecules and precious metals. And since Bennu has a 1-in-2,700 chance of impacting Earth about 200 years from now, researchers figure it would be good to glean some insights about the asteroid’s fate – and how it might intersect with our own. Bennu is so small, dark and distant (about 75 million miles from Earth at the moment) that scientists could only theorize about what it might look like when they launched OSIRIS-REx two years ago mens practice dance shoes. To their delight, newly acquired close-ups of the asteroid closely match their predictions..

But there’s still a lot to learn about the object, said University of Arizona Planetary Scientist Bashar Rizk, who oversees three of OSIRIS-REx’s cameras. In the coming weeks and months, his team aims to get detailed measurements of the asteroid’s shape, density and gravity that will allow scientists to fine-tune how they orbit it. Bennu is so small (about 0.05 percent of the mass of Mount Everest) that its gravity is nearly negligible mens practice dance shoes. If you stood at Bennu’s North Pole and jumped, you would achieve escape velocity and go soaring off into the void..

That makes orbiting – which relies on a delicate balance between a spacecraft’s velocity and an object’s gravity – especially hard mens practice dance shoes. “It will really be record-breaking in terms of the precision, the navigation, compared to anything we’ve done before,” said flight navigator Coralie Adam, an engineer at aerospace company KinetX. With gravity so weak, other factors could potentially knock OSIRIS-REx off course. Even the faint pressure of sunlight warming the spacecraft can create sufficient thrust to warp its orbit..

To counteract the influence of the sun, Adam and her colleagues will fly over Bennu’s “terminator” line, where day turns to night on the asteroid’s surface. This ensures that the solar radiation pressure remains constant, so engineers can make sure they continuously counteract it. Yet Bennu’s small size also makes it possible for OSIRIS-REx to perform a series of carefully choreographed hairpin maneuvers around the asteroid. Engineers will uplink new orbital instructions to the spacecraft every day (a typical planetary mission might only update its trajectory once a week, Adam said). Video animations of the spacecraft’s planned orbits look like an elaborate cosmic ballet mens practice dance shoes.

In 2020, after 18 months of observations, OSIRIS-REx will swoop close to Bennu and extend a long robotic arm equipped with its sample-collecting instrument, called TAGSAM. With a puff of nitrogen gas, it will blow some material off the asteroid’s surface, gathering as much as 4.4 pounds of rock in the head of the sample. Then it must turn around and retrace its path back home. Finally, on Sept. 24, 2023, a capsule containing the sample will streak through Earth’s atmosphere and land in the Utah desert mens practice dance shoes.

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