how to soften demi pointe shoes

how to soften demi pointe shoes – Beautiful red wedding juttis with embroidery. Club this jutti with your outfit to get the perfect bridal look.Red fabric embellished with ghungaroo in the front.*Ethnic Shoes/Women Flats/Handmade Indian Designer Women Shoes or Slippers/Royal shoes/traditional style WomenSPECIFICATIONS:•Upper/Panna -Fabric base embellished with sequence, thread work and small bells (ghungaroos)•Back/Adda – Fabric base embellished with sequence and thread work•Lining – Leather•Padding – Double Cushioning for extra comfort•Sole/Talla – Vegetable tanned leather soleSOLE SIZE: (For this shoe 38.5 size is 39)•US 6——–Size 36———23.3 cms (Foot Size)•US 7——Size 37———24.3 cms (Foot Size)•US 8——Size 38——–24.8 cms (Foot Size)•US 9 ——Size 39——–25.3 cms (Foot Size)•US 10——–Size 40———25.8.0 cms (Foot Size)•US 11——–Size 41———26.4 cms (Foot Size)NOTE: 1. Please mention the size you would like to order as per the size chart when you checkout. (Buyer should measure the foot from toe to heel)2. . If you are in between sizes, for example a US 8 then please go for a US 8.5, because the Juttis are made a little snug so runs small. Please order one size up.3. The products shipped will be similar as shown in the picture. There might be a slight variation as all the products are handmade.ABOUT JUTTI:Jutti is another example of rich Indian culture, heritage and artisan ship. • Inherently, Jutti/mojari, was extremely popular amongst the kings and the queens who belonged to the richest era of Indian history. • A pair of Jutti is unidirectional i.e. they have no left and right distinction and over time take the shape of the foot. • A Jutti is inevitably flat-soled with a close upper sewn to it keeping it really light weight.• Unembellished /printed juttis are used for everyday use for both men and women while beaded/embellished/embroidered juttis are perfect for wedding, festivals, parties and special occasions.• The upper section of the jutti (known as Panna) is made of a single piece of leather/textile- plain/ embellished/embroidered. The bonding of the upper and back (known as Adda) to the sole (known as Talla) is done by cotton thread which is environment friendly. Vegetable tanned leather is used for jutti making.SHIPPING OPTIONS:1. Standard Shipping via DHL Ecomm- It takes approx 8-12 business days once the product is dispatched. 2. Expedited Shipping via DHL Express- It takes approx 3-5 business days once the product is dispatched.

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