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how do ballet shoes work – Ballet Shoes Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver.

Ballet Shoes Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver

Carney was attracted to the opportunity to venture into outer space. “That whole wonder of bigness about it was an interesting world that we wanted to go into.”. For kids, it’s a chance to experience inventive effects in a theater. “The fact that we’re right in front of you and it is live and you’re actually looking at it, that’s kind of a cool thing. We want them to want to come back to the theater, instead of sitting with their phones and watching their iMacs.” how do ballet shoes work. Visual effects are not enough, however. “The audience must be invested in the story,” Carney said..

The stories are told with very little dialogue, just visuals, movement and music, drawn from original scores, classical, film and pop songs. “We try to use the full spectrum of music, to represent the characters in different ways,” Carney says. So the shows have translated very effectively internationally. Lightwire has performed everywhere from Paris to Russia to China. Carney grew up in New Orleans. His father was a professor of art at Tulane University. So the boy had opportunities to dabble in everything from printmaking to sculpture. But his mother was a dancer, and Carney’s dream was to become a classical ballet performer how do ballet shoes work.

He met his wife Eleanor in dance class, when he was 13. When they came back from college, the two danced primarily together, throughout the South. “Romeo and Juliet” were perfect roles for them. They moved to New York. Carney was featured on Broadway in Twyla Tharp’s “Movin’ Out,” which utilized the music of Billy Joel. He appeared on the opening segment of the Tony Awards in a number from that show. Carney also did a lot of choreography. With the Tharp company, Carney met Corbin Popp, who introduced him to EL wire, which he had seen at Burning Man festival how do ballet shoes work. They began experimenting with the wire. Recycling a wild array of household materials that they enlivened with EL wire, they fashioned durable, flexible costumes and puppets. They created dancing ducks, dinosaurs and gigantic birds. They realized that the challenging medium had tremendous potential..

In his mid-30s, Carney was ready for a new direction. “I didn’t know if I had a lot more to say in straight-forward ballet.” how do ballet shoes work. So EL wire became his focus. His wife Eleanor and Popp’s wife Whitney soon joined in the creative fun. The foursome’s first full-length show was unveiled in 2007. The Carneys moved back to New Orleans, soon after Katrina. The Popps joined them. The name Lightwire Theater was chosen when “America’s Got Talent” invited them to be part of that network competition. Lightwire made it to the semi-finals. They subsequently competed on truTV’s “Fake Off” and won the top prize of $100,000, which they used to expand the company..

The traveling Lightwire troupes don’t often include the original four dancers anymore. Popp is a parent and a practicing dentistry, but he flies to Louisiana several times a year to help with the technology. Carney, 49, still carefully oversees the whole process and occasionally goes on stage. He won’t be coming to California this time how do ballet shoes work. Carney continues to dream up exciting productions that allow audiences to use their imaginations. ”That’s the beauty of dance — you’re participating in the story all the time. And you’re putting your own movie on it, because we’re not filling in every single blank..

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