full sole ballet shoes vs split sole

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The teeter-totter of booking acts for the LVPAC’s main stage venue, the 500-seat Bankhead Theater, requires complex thinking. Assumptions and missteps come at a cost. Unlike in other cities, the Livermore presenting center is not funded by a university or the city. Audiences and donors largely keep the boat afloat. The LVPAC finished the 2015 fiscal year with a surplus for its first time, but it wasn’t easy full sole ballet shoes vs split sole. “Last year, I didn’t know the community as well as I do now,” admits Kenison with surprising candor. “We did a few challenging things — like the Met Opera Rising Stars, the Triplets of Belleville, the Hot Sardines — that weren’t well-attended. We did a weekend in early March with three programs I thought were so different they wouldn’t cannibalize each other’s audience. But in reality, three things outside-the-box in three weeks splits the audience in thirds.”..

Having learned from and listened to audiences, Kenison says the 2016-17 season reflects his first year selecting all of the acts. (He entered midstream and had partial input in 2015-16.) There are more Friday-Saturday shows, fewer weeknight shows. Theater shows weren’t boom items last year, but they’ll continue because Kenison says, “those 200 people who came are engaged, vocal and devoted supporters.” Even in this endeavor, there’s deliberation in the crowd-pleasing selections and how they’re sprinkled throughout the season: Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Nile” (Nov. 15), Neil Simon’s “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” (Mar. 16) and L.A. Theater Works’ production of “Judgement at Nuremberg” (Apr full sole ballet shoes vs split sole. 19)..

In other categories, interesting tacks are taken. Jimmie Vaughn and the Tilt-A-Whirl Band and six-time Grammy Award-winning Irish band The Chieftains set sturdy, big-name stakes for more flights of musical fancy, like a late-September serving, the Big Head Blues Club. Featuring the fans-forever-prone Big Head Todd and the Monsters paired with up with bluesy artists Mud Morganfield, Billy Branch and Ronnie Baker Brooks, Kenison says reactions from the younger set are immediate and positive full sole ballet shoes vs split sole. “They’re the ‘Oh-my-God-you-got-them’ selection,” he says..

Dance offerings are a perfect storm of lucky draws. Although the Paul Taylor Dance Company’s second company has performed in Livermore, this will be the main company’s first appearance (May 3). A week hiatus between their shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles will be filled fortuitously with a master class at Valley Dance Theatre, a fundraiser event and the public performance full sole ballet shoes vs split sole. “Otherwise, they’d have to fly them all home to New York and then back to California,” says Kenison. “Besides, they love to drink wine, so we’re the perfect hosts. In fact, they’re going to pair each of the dances they select to perform with a specific Livermore wine.”..

Parsons Dance will provide a sleek, contemporary profile (Oct. 7) with enough classicism at its roots to be a bridge to the Russian National Ballet Theatre, returning with the classic ballet “Giselle” (Feb. 7). The Rae Dorough Speaker Series board handpicks the presenters for LVPAC’s popular speaker series that admits Livermore Joint United School District students free of charge (other students receive a reduced ticket price). This year’s notably strong offerings include experts addressing high-profile topics: sports-related concussions, the “college admissions arms race,” ever-popular, ever-dreaded earthquakes and the latest developments in scientists’ understanding of cancer and genetics full sole ballet shoes vs split sole.

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