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With the spring program, two company members, Stefanie Maughan and Ali McKeon, are blossoming into professional choreographers. Shiveley and Lowe viewed their choreographic work at a showcase and were impressed capezio juliet ballet shoes. Lowe says, “We felt that there were really resonating moments that would be a good fit for our company.”. Shiveley says, “Michael has a long history of looking for opportunities to give women a chance to have their voices heard through their choreography. So this was a way of telling them, ‘This is your time.’”..

Shiveley worked in management at Oracle Corporation for a decade and has served on several nonprofit boards. But earlier, she had extensive ballet training. Growing up in Berkeley, she admired Lowe’s work as principal dancer and choreographer with Oakland Ballet. Lowe has worked with numerous prestigious dance companies and with such legendary choreographers as Agnes de Mille. Shiveley says, “I didn’t meet Michael until seven years ago, but he had always been in my head as a local dance legend. He has such authenticity in his work. He’s sort of the sensei in the room capezio juliet ballet shoes. But he’s also the greatest student of dance I’ve ever seen. He goes out and sees absolutely every thing that’s being performed in the Bay Area. What he’s presenting is fresh and original, but also taking a temperature of what people seem to be interested in, what entertains them, without adding a lot of fluff.”..

Lowe, who resides in Alameda, says he relishes his work with Menlowe Ballet. “These young artists are so open and tenacious. They’re willing to go on the edge, emotionally and technically. That’s what’s really exciting about our company. It’s very fulfilling to see it while it’s taking shape.”. Shiveley and Lowe agree that the excitement of dance can’t be fully appreciated by streaming it online capezio juliet ballet shoes. Shiveley says, “When that curtain is rising, it’s going to be a unique moment in time, a unique performance that you’re going to see. There’s something so inspiring and so exciting about bearing witness to it. Being there is so different from watching it on screen. We’re creating powerful art and we want our community to come and experience it..

Lowe says, “Live ballet is enriching and we should embrace it.”. Ballet has a universality, as Shiveley points out. “It extends beyond boundaries, religions, sexual orientation. It’s just about the dance. We are all connected by this movement and we’re all equal in this art form.”. Menlowe’s goal is to become a three-season-per-year company, rather than two capezio juliet ballet shoes. The troupe is contemplating touring to cities that don’t have their own professional companies. Shiveley says, “We’re the little company that has great aspirations.”..

Appearances by Riccardo Muti and the Chicago Symphony; the Joffrey Ballet; France’s Théâtre de la Ville, Paris; and the return of Gustavo Dudamel and the National Youth Orchestra of Venezuela are among the highlights of Cal Performances’ 2017-18 season, announced earlier this week by executive and artistic director Matías Tarnopolsky. Dozens of events pack the season schedule, which runs from August 5, 2017, to May 6, 2018, in six venues on and around the UC Berkeley campus; the season features 30 West Coast, California or Bay Area premieres; two US premieres; and one world premiere capezio juliet ballet shoes.

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