brown leather ballet flats

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Without Estrada’s expertise, mounting DIAVOLO’s monstrously collaborative production might not have happened. “I remember when they toured with a U-Haul truck,” he recalls. “Now, they use a 53-foot semi-truck. Since they know me, they asked.”. Estrada says he’s hoping the show will “pack the theater to the gills” and that scientist types, dance and engineering students, and anyone curious about the creative process will participate. “This isn’t just dance,” says Estrada, “these are works of engineering art, and this is a tour of the human world.” brown leather ballet flats.

The works slowly amassed to over an hour of material that ranges across the borders of dance/theater, butoh, hip-hop, contemporary ballet and post-postmodernism, titled “Double Exposure.” It’s world-premiere run opened Thursday at ODC Theater in San Francisco and repeats through Sunday, though tickets are gone, except for possible box office releases, returns or no-shows. Arrayed like a series of snapshots, the “Double Exposure” dances “expose” Rein and Smith in the works of the disparate choreographers brown leather ballet flats. At the same time, the two dancers “expose” the commissioned artists to the public..

The result is a pastiche of contemporary dance fragments that invites us to ask: Are we seeing the dancer or the dance? Thursday, the answer was more often than not “the dancer,” as Rein and Smith’s magnetism transformed most of the movement into a vehicle highlighting their talents and characters. While this was a weakness of the program, it also was a testament to the couple as performers. The co-directors of RAWdance are a deeply charismatic team — Rein whippet thin with highly arched ballet feet, Smith athletic and grounded. Both are lanky, “cisgendered white people,” as they tell us. And whether it is in Joe Goode’s chair dance or Amy Seiwert’s flouncy depiction of young love, which closes the night, they move together with a kind of effortlessly flowing intimacy brown leather ballet flats.

Think of George Burns and Gracie Allen or Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Like the humor of those duos, the program’s wry, sexy and athletic movement pulls us into Rein and Smith’s twinning relationship, and each fragment they perform reveals different elements of their bond brown leather ballet flats. On Thursday, some of these fragments were better able to stand up to the charms of the performers than others. Dance-theater maker Joe Goode played with reality in his vignette, and his talking dance emerged as one of the more robust pieces on the program..

In it, each dancer sat on a chair, one downstage of the other brown leather ballet flats. As Smith offered up a narrative about the making of the dance and information about himself and Rein, or vice versa, they echoed each other’s words with gestures and expression that simultaneously undercut and amplified the speaker. This doubling back and erasing, as well as building and blending realities pointed to motifs defining the evening as a whole. The postmodern sensibility seen in Goode’s work took a pure dance form in KT Nelson’s flashing, squiggly dance, which seemed to briefly hold the various ambiguities and contradictions of the night in suspension with its mix of ballet, jazz and narrative gesture blended into a punchy athletic swirl..

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