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“It’s not off the rack,” says Rose Sellery of Pivot. “The designers’ pieces are definitely things you could wear out, and people do buy them. The artists’ pieces are quirkier. You can’t just walk down the street in them.”. Sellery, who curated the 2014 fashion show and is doing the same for this year’s preview, says Pivot’s involvement with the art party helps introduce her Santa Cruz-based group to new audiences. “It’s more exposure for us and our artists,” she adds. “We’re trying to create a community of textile artists and costume designers.” black pointe shoes uk.

The models Pivot uses are often performers such as ballet dancers and opera singers, so the group’s fashion shows generally have a performance element to them. “Whatever the artist’s concept is, we try to help them achieve the wow factor,” Sellery says. The preview is also an opportunity for Content Magazine subscribers to pick up the latest issue. Non-subscribers can buy a copy for $5. Daniel Garcia, the magazine’s founder, has had work exhibited at previous art parties black pointe shoes uk.

“I’ve known Daniel since he launched Content,” Henderson says. “We really wanted to do a pick-up party as part of the event. Daniel’s a fashion photographer, so it seemed like a logical connection.”. The preview is being produced by Drew Clark of Mu Industries. Based on the response to the 2014 fashion show, organizers are expecting a full house for the preview, being held at the Armory in downtown San Jose black pointe shoes uk. “There weren’t enough seats” at the first show, Sellery says..

The preview is a good warm-up for Sellery and crew, whose fashion show will close this year’s art party on Oct. 1. Sconberg and Henderson agree the fashion show is another step in the evolution of their art party, which they tag as “an occasional and irrational San Jose arts fest,” given that they don’t host it on a regular basis and each party has been more lavish than the last black pointe shoes uk. “We threw a party in our house one time,” Henderson says, “and seven iterations later, we’re expecting 5,000 people at the fairgrounds.”..

Poetry at Orinda Books tonight. Orinda Books hosts a poetry event, “Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink,” 6:30- to 8 p.m., Friday, June 10, Orinda Books, 276 Village Square, in Orinda. “Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink,” recounts the days of innocence, desires, fears, motherhood, curiosities, and observations. Featured Readers are: Nicole Borello, M. Terry Bowman, Heather June Gibbons, Tina Gibson, Tereza Joy Kramer, Dr. Raina J black pointe shoes uk. Leon, Alexandra Mattraw, and Della Watson. This anthology is a diverse collection of women’s voices that exposes both the inner balance and struggle of the female journey. For more information please call 925-254-7606 or visit [email protected]

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