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Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble. 8 p.m. Oct. 28 and Oct. 29. “Acadia and other stories,” a collaboration between choreographer Natasha Carlitz and classical composer Mike Coffin, with live music by Brilliante Strings. Also, “Present” and “Icarus: Learning To Fly”; a new work by guest choreographer Helena Birecki; and pieces developed by the Carlitz/Coffin combo. Cubberley Theatre, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto free images of ballet shoes. www.carlitzdance.orgMenlowe Ballet. “Tribute.” 7:30 p.m. Nov. 3; 2 and 8 p.m. Nov. 5; 2 p.m. Nov. 6. “World premieres, a classical jewel, and the revival of a signature company work.” $30-$60; or by 800-595-4849. Group tickets rates are available.Peninsula Ballet Theatre. “Nutcracker.” 1 and 5 p.m. Dec. 17; 2 p.m. Dec. 18. Fox Theatre, 2215 Broadway St., Redwood City. $30-$60. Ballet Theatre. “Nutcracker Sweet” (45-minute condensed “Nutcracker” for ages 3-6). 10:30 a.m., noon, 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. Dec. 3, 4, 10, 11. Studio One Theatre, 1880 S. Grant St., San Mateo. $20 for children, $25 for adults.

1 Cullberg Ballet: The Swedish company has won acclaim around the globe for its dynamic, imaginative performances. And a big selling point of the company’s performances Oct. 22-23 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall is revered postmodern choreographer Deborah Hay. Cullberg will perform Hay’s new work “Figure a Sea,” set to a score by Laurie Anderson free images of ballet shoes. And Hay herself will be on hand to discuss the creative process she put into “Sea,” which she likens to a “sea of endless possibilities — a place for self-reflection, and seeing oneself see.”..

Details: Presented by Cal Performances; 8 p.m. Oct. 22, 3 p.m. Oct. 23; $36-$86; 510-642-9988, 2 Vienna Piano Trio: This group is renowned almost as much for its exuberant and endearing stage presence as for its technical brilliance. The trio has a new violinist, Northern California native David McCarroll, and comes to San Jose’s Trianon Theatre to perform a program of Brahms, Schubert and Mozart. Details: Presented by San Jose Chamber Music Society; 7 p.m. Oct free images of ballet shoes. 23 (Roger Emanuels discusses the program at 6:15 p.m.); $37-$49; 408-286-5111,

3 The Cookers: If you’re a jazz band and you call yourself The Cookers, you better be able to bring it. And the talent and musical wisdom of this supergroup — tenor saxophonist Billy Harper, pianist George Cables, trumpeter Eddie Henderson, bassist Cecil McBee, drummer Billy Hart, saxophonist Donald Harrison trumpeter David Weiss — is undeniable free images of ballet shoes. The band will likely showcase its new release, “Time and Time Again” when it comes to two Bay Area nightclubs beginning this weekend..

Details: 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Oct. 22 at Yoshi’s, Oakland; $24-$49; 510-238-9200,; 7 p.m free images of ballet shoes. Oct. 24 at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz; $30; 4 Symphony Silicon Valley: The San Jose orchestra’s second performance of the season is titled “Grand Old Russia.” Led by conductor Edvard Tchivzhel and featuring pianist Nikolai Demidenko, the program includes Scriabin’s Piano Concert in F sharp minor, Op. 20 and Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 in e minor, Op. 27..

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The exhibit’s visual storytelling, through four galleries and a central courtyard, is so engrossing that you almost forget it’s art. But McGill explains that the exhibit includes some of the greatest depictions of these characters. Many works tell their own stories. A three-tiered theatrical mask for the character of Ravana (with nine heads that would be stacked above a dancer’s own) is borrowed from Washington, D.C.’s, Smithsonian Institution. It’s among the royal gifts presented in honor of America’s 1876 centennial by the King of Siam, today’s Thailand. (His father was depicted in “The King and I.”) shoes for dance.

A precisely detailed, accordion-folded painting of scenes from the Rama epic, from around 1870, was created in the final years before the British conquest of Burma (today’s Myanmar). In this Buddhist country, Sita is attired as a Burmese princess. There are incredibly detailed shadow puppets (two-dimensional joined figures, often painted buffalo hide) displayed in several galleries. They’re spotlighted against a fabric backing so the shadow is evident as well shoes for dance. One series of Cambodian puppets was crafted in 1973 by the last generation of local artisans before the Khmer Rouge’s genocide wiped out the tradition..

Even standing still, much of the artwork seems animated. A tall, 11th century figure of Sita (“one of the great Indian bronzes,” McGill says) shows notable lightness and sense of motion. One of the earliest artworks in the exhibition, a terra-cotta plaque from India that dates from 400-500, dramatically depicts Jatayus, the heroic king of the vultures, attempting to prevent Ravana from abducting Sita. There’s a remarkable variety in the scale of objects on display. They include a 15-inch-tall, elaborately carved ivory plaque (1600-1800) showing Rama and Sita enthroned, from India’s Tamil Nadu state. Another is a nine-foot-tall carved wood pediment from a building in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia showing the hero Rama standing on a monkey, like a performer in a dance-drama. It dates from approximately 1750-1825 shoes for dance.

More recent examples show the wide influence of the Rama epic. A lithograph that’s described as “calendar art” from India (approximately 1920-1950) depicts the monkey lieutenant Hanuman as a muscular strongman. “He’s like the patron saint of bodybuilders,” McGill suggests. From 1918 and 1922, there are exquisite photographs of American dancers Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn’s “Siamese Ballet” and “The Abduction of Sita.” The couple was among the many choreographers influenced at the time by the dance and art of Asia shoes for dance.

Western painters were influenced by the Rama epic as well shoes for dance. The exhibit includes a stunning painting from the 1890s by the French Symbolist Odilon Redon. Titled “Sita,” and borrowed from the Art Institute of Chicago, it features a mysterious figure with a golden halo, floating against a deep blue background. “The Rama Epic” doesn’t end in the museum’s galleries. More video features are available on the exhibit’s website, Several Bay Area artists are contributing to “Drawing Rama,” a colorful cartoon-like version that will be published in a limited edition. And dance performances from India, Cambodia and Indonesia will get the stories of Rama, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana up and moving..

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gamba pointe shoes – Embroidery File/Embroidery pattern set ballet shoes.5 Doodle Application Embroidery pattern files for a embroidery machine.-Motifs: ballet shoes. A ballet shoe, ballet shoe with heart, two ballet shoes in two sizes, button with ballet shoes,-Motif 1 Stick Size: 78 x 175 mm with approx. 1265 stitches-Motif 2 Stick Size: 104 x 179 mm with approx. 2108 stitches-Motif 3 Stick Size: 129 x 130 mm with approx. 2545 stitches-Motif 4 Stick Size: 90 x 90 mm with approx. 1835 stitches-Motif 5 Stick Size: 129 x 167 mm with approx. 2891 stitches-Required Embroidery frame: At least 13 x 18 cm-Available Embroidery pattern formats: pes, JEF, HUS, Jef +, VIP, VP3, XXX, exp, DST,* * Download Article * *After receipt of payment, the embroidery file set can be downloaded with the use of the data and conditions.* * Nutzungungsbedingungen of the embroidery file * *The file may only be used in the original and unchanged on the embroidery machine. Changes and/or reproductions of the embroidery pattern file, as well as the transmission, in any way, are * * not * permitted. We would draw your attention to the fact that Marco Bremer is the exclusive right holder of the embroidery patterns.* * Commercial * Use * *You may sell embroidered substrates (textiles, bags, etc.) in small quantities (max. 25x) and with the hint "embroidery file from stick design Kerstin Bremer". The manufacture and/or sale of buttons and sewing is _nicht_ permitted.A further commercial use is required by the separate agreement.* * IMPORTANT NOTE * *The embroidery file is excluded after sending the right of return and right of withdrawal.

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Since she was steered away from music at a young age, Perry has tried to create a family environment where her children can follow their desires. Her son left home at 17 to pursue a dance career and is now in a ballet company in Grand Rapids,  Mich. “My daughter is following the same track,” Perry says gamba pointe shoes. “She also wants to go into professional dance. “I want them to be able to do what they love and still pay the bills.”. To that end, Perry is trying to lead by example. Her goal is to be a full-time musician..

An ancient Sanskrit manuscript from India is brought to life in colorful, vivid style at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum, with a stunning array of the paintings, sculptures, dance dramas and even puppet shows that it has inspired. “The Rama Epic: Hero, Heroine, Ally, Foe” presents what feels like a fresh interpretation of the legendary “Ramayana.” To begin with, there are hundreds of variations of the Rama story, and the classic version is seven volumes long. The Asian Art Museum’s curator and exhibit staff have done a masterful job of forging a path through the Rama epic gamba pointe shoes. Their goal: bringing together ancient and contemporary art “depicting sacred stories that together are as old as the Bible, longer than the Odyssey, and a source of creative inspiration from India to Indonesia.”..

Monumental? In importance, yes, but not in practice gamba pointe shoes. “The Rama Epic” exhibit is like a big, colorful, animated walk-through adventure book. There are paintings and carvings, sculpture and architecture, evocative masks and elaborate puppets. Video components in every gallery, showing dance videos and TV dramas, bring to life the stories depicted and described on the walls. There are 25 “storytelling stops” with access to dramatic vignettes of the “Ramayana” performed like a radio play..

The galleries are set up to draw visitors through the story (abduction, battles, more battles, reconciliation) after introducing the four main characters. Rama is the legendary prince, Sita his long-suffering wife, Hanuman their faithful monkey lieutenant, and Ravana the 10-headed lord of the demons gamba pointe shoes. Museum director Jay Xu points out that the Rama epic has its roots in ancient northern India, yet it has “myriad manifestations” in different cultures, particularly across South and Southeast Asia..

Indeed, the exhibit includes a wealth of artwork and documents — 135 in all — that originated throughout the region gamba pointe shoes. The contemporary additions extend the range. A depicted battle between Rama and Ravana is enhanced on a video monitor with scenes from an Indian TV miniseries and Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian stage productions. Over the centuries, the Rama epic has always been a multimedia experience, curator Forrest McGill notes. The story has been told in painting and sculpture, puppet theater, opera and dance, and more recently in movies, television, video games and comic books..

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cardana dance shoes – Ballet Shoes Purple Wall ArtThis listing is for the instant download of both PDF and JPEG files in the following sizes.16 x 20 – jpg high quality (300dpi)11 x 14 – jpg high quality (300dpi)8 x 10 jpg & pdf – high quality (300dpi)5 x 7 – jpg high quality (300 dpi)You can print it at home or have it printed at your local print shop. Good quality paper is suggested to print on for the best results.Colors: Watercolor as shown in pictureHOW IT WORKS:- Purchase the listing- After payment is confirmed, you will be taken to the download page- Click download, save it, and then printIt's as simple as that! ***NO PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SENT OR MAILED TO YOUR ADDRESS***DISCLAIMER: The rights to this artwork remains with Alpha Wallet Designs and is not transferred with the purchase of this digital Sign Wall Art

Ballet Shoes Purple Wall Art - Art - Printable Watercolor - Modern Minimalist Poster - Printable Sign - Digital Print

Perry often starts to write a song without fully understanding what it’s about cardana dance shoes. That was the case with “Something Good,” the title track off her four-song EP. “I had some idea of what the song was about,” she says. “I free wrote it and set it aside. I hate doing that because I’m afraid I might lose it.”. Months later, a conversation with a friend sparked the rest of the song. It was a request from another friend that led Perry to start writing her own songs after years of playing classical works. Her musical emphasis began to shift after she was asked to write a cello line for a friend’s folk song..

“That was the first time I’d gotten into composition,” she says, adding that even with her classical training, “there are big chunks of theory I completely missed, and I’m certainly not trained in improvisation. “The idea of coming up with my own lines and melodies was new to me except that in an ensemble, the cello’s always playing the notes no one else wants.”. After deciding she needed a more melodic instrument, Perry bought her first guitar at age 40, learning the instrument as she taught herself the ins and outs of composition cardana dance shoes.

“The biggest thing I took away from my classical training is that there’s no substitute for practice,” says Perry, who plays and sings for at least 90 minutes a day five days a week. “I know if I show up to it regularly, I’ll get better over time.”. Perry also got into the habit of showing up to local open mics to practice her songs in front of a live audience cardana dance shoes. Her EP release party is set for Nov. 12 at Art Boutiki in San Jose’s Rose Garden neighborhood. Of recording for the first time at age 50, Perry says, “So many of us carry our desire around inside us. I want to be an example of someone who tries to bring her desire from the inside to the outside.”..

Kenny Schick, a seasoned local musician and producer, helped Perry make her desire a reality. Schick played multiple instruments on Perry’s EP, which he also produced. Schick’s wife, Sabine Heusler-Schick, sang backing vocals. The husband-and-wife duo, who perform as Artemesia Black, will open for Perry at her Art Boutiki show cardana dance shoes. “My head exploded when he sent me a sketch (of one of my songs),” Perry says, adding that Schick “did what I needed to hear: my music, fully produced.”. In between her classical career, which included playing cello in a professional orchestra in Brussels, Belgium, as a senior in high school, and her burgeoning interest in folk music, which led to her touring with Michelle Shocked before the singer/songwriter had her infamous meltdown on stage, Perry married and raised two children..

“Music tends to go to sleep when this happens,” Perry says, and indeed a long period passed when she wasn’t playing. She says she pulled out her cello again shortly after her family moved to Sunnyvale in 2001 cardana dance shoes. As a child, Perry envisioned a career as a classical musician, but she says, “I got redirected down the straight and narrow path.”. That path led her to study philosophy and English at Georgetown University and to earn her PhD in American literature from UC Santa Cruz. She holds down a day job as an English professor at De Anza College in Cupertino..

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pointe shoe brands for beginners – Royal Ballet Companion Fabric by Alexander HenryThis is new cotton fabric measuring a little over 1 1/2 yds. It comes from a pet free, non smoking home.This is a wonderful print that would make a nice drawstring bag to carry your ballet shoes to class, as well as being useful for many other projectsThank you for visiting and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Details: 4:30 p.m. Nov. 6 at Douglas Beach House, Half Moon Bay; $25-$40;; 7 p.m. Nov. 10; Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz; $20-$25; 10 “Casa Valentina”: Tucked away among the trout streams and world famous hotels of the Catskill Mountains area in upstate New York in the 1960s was a bungalow colony that catered to niche clientele — straight men who would escape their friends and family for a few days to dress like women pointe shoe brands for beginners. Harvey Fierstein’s 2014 play about the place is getting its regional premiere at San Francisco’s New Conservatory Theatre, but the production closes after this weekend..

Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble. 8 p.m. Oct. 28 and Oct pointe shoe brands for beginners. 29. “Acadia and other stories,” a collaboration between choreographer Natasha Carlitz and classical composer Mike Coffin, with live music by Brilliante Strings. Also, “Present” and “Icarus: Learning To Fly”; a new work by guest choreographer Helena Birecki; and pieces developed by the Carlitz/Coffin combo. Cubberley Theatre, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto. www.carlitzdance.orgMenlowe Ballet. “Tribute.” 7:30 p.m. Nov. 3; 2 and 8 p.m. Nov. 5; 2 p.m. Nov. 6. “World premieres, a classical jewel, and the revival of a signature company work.” $30-$60; or by 800-595-4849. Group tickets rates are available.Peninsula Ballet Theatre. “Nutcracker.” 1 and 5 p.m. Dec. 17; 2 p.m. Dec. 18. Fox Theatre, 2215 Broadway St., Redwood City. $30-$60. Ballet Theatre. “Nutcracker Sweet” (45-minute condensed “Nutcracker” for ages 3-6). 10:30 a.m., noon, 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. Dec. 3, 4, 10, 11. Studio One Theatre, 1880 S. Grant St., San Mateo. $20 for children, $25 for adults.

El Grupo Sinigual. 2 p.m. Oct. 30. Tateuchi Hall; Community School of Music and Arts, Finn Center, 230 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View. Free. or 650-917-6800, ext. 305Redwood Symphony. Halloween Family Concert. Conductor Eric Kujawsky. 3 p.m. Oct. 30. Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain, Finale from the Organ Symphony by Saint-Saens, Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk and Elfman’s Theme From Batman. Main Theater, Cañada College, 4200 Farm Hill Blvd., Redwood City. $15-$25. www.RedwoodSymphony.orgRedwood Symphony. 8 p.m pointe shoe brands for beginners. Nov. 19. With cellist Jonah Kim. Conducted by Eric Kujawsky. Stookey’s Mahl/er/werk, Elgar’s Cello Concerto, Elfman’s Theme from “Batman” and Saint-Saens’ Organ Symphony. Main Theater, Cañada College, 4200 Farm Hill Blvd., Redwood City. Pre-concert lecture at 7 p.m. $10-$30. Children under 18 are admitted free with an adult.Bay Choral Guild. “Christmas Jubilations.” 8 p.m. Dec. 3. “Missa Brevis for the Refugees of War,” by Henry Mollicone. Also, “Gaudete,” an arrangement of traditional Christmas melodies by Anders Öhrwall, and Daniel Pinkham’s “Christmas Jubilations.” With Frequency 49 woodwind quintet.

A young woman realizes her dream of visiting with dearly departed relatives in “Luna Mexicana,” Oakland Ballet’s dance and music celebration of the iconic Mexican holiday. This family-friendly show, to be performed in Oakland and Pleasanton next week, is filled with festive dancing, colorful costumes, traditional folk music and, of course, frolicking ghosts and skeletons. “Luna Mexicana” plays 7 p.m. Nov pointe shoe brands for beginners. 1 at the Paramount Theatre, Oakland, with tickets $5-20, and 3 p.m. Nov. 5 at the Amador Theater in Pleasanton, $20-25.

Sunnyvale musician Martha Groves Perry is living her dreams in more ways than one. The 50-year-old vocalist and multi-instrumentalist just released her first EP of original music, much of which came to her while she slept. Perry says dreaming music is “certainly something I want and value deeply, but I don’t feel like I chose it.” pointe shoe brands for beginners. “I don’t get a whole song at once,” she adds. “Sometimes I get a whole chorus or verse. I’ve only sat down and written a song from beginning to end once.”..

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comfort dance shoes georgia – Design will come in one size for 4×4,5×7,6×10 hoop. The following formats are available: ART,DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP,VP3 and XXX. If you are in need of a different format, feel free to email and see if it is available. Now you can instant download your order! After payment is complete, you will receive two emails from Etsy: one confirming your purchase and another email letting you know your design is ready for download. To download your file, open the designated email and click the button "View your files on Etsy". You will then be redirected to a download page where you can download your zipped file containing your design. You can also access your downloads by going to: My Account > Purchases > Click on the download button next to the purchased item. After you download your files, please remember to unzip the folder and extract the files.If you can't download your files please contact me,I will send them to your email address on Etsy account within 24 hours, unless otherwise specified. Due to the electronic nature of the product and it's ability to be reproduced,refunds art not offered,If you receive a damaged file,I will gladly exchange it for a new one or in another format.************************************************************************* Please note that I am not responsible for the quality of the design if you resize it, convert it, or edit it in any way. This design is created to be used on an embroidery machine. You must have an embroidery machine and a method to transfer files to your machine to use this design. THIS IS NOT A PATCH. PAYPAL only You MAY NOT copy, share or sell my digitized designs or reproduce them in any way. This is a final sale due to the electronic nature of this listing.Larger size available upon request.

Ballet shoes number 2 Birthday Machine Embroidery Applique Design-4x4,5x5,6x6 inch

3 Katya Grineva: The Russian-born, New York-based pianist is known for her technical prowess and, as the New York Times puts it, “lovely musical sensibilities,” as well as her popular recitals at Carnegie Hall comfort dance shoes georgia. She ventures to the South Bay on Nov. 5 with cellist Byron Duckwall to showcase their recent album “Soiree — French Masterpieces.” The program includes works by Debussy, Saint-Saens, Ravel, Massenet, Faure and Satie. Details: 6:30 p.m.; St. Andrew Armenian Church, Cupertino; $45;

4 Afropop Spectacular: This recurring concert returns to UC Berkeley on Nov. 4 with a double bill featuring Ethiopian vocalist Mahmoud Ahmed, dubbed “the Red Sea’s most seductive soul singer” by the BBC, and Southern Mali’s acclaimed folkloric outfit Trio Da Kali. Details: Presented by Cal Performances; 8 p.m.; Zellerbach Hall; $30-$54; 510-642-9988, 5 Pointer Sisters: The iconic Oakland R&B singing group delivered such memorable hits in the 1970s and ‘80s as “Fire,” “Jump (for My Love),” “Automatic” and “He’s So Shy” and embraced everything from gospel to jazz to disco with their incomparable voices and harmonies. They’re still a musical powerhouse, and come to Campbell’s Heritage Theatre on Nov. 4. Tickets are going fast comfort dance shoes georgia.

Details: 8 p.m.; $65; 408-866-2700, 6 Run Boy Run: The Tucson band’s sound is anchored in the traditional music of the Appalachian South, but the musicians and singers are not afraid to weave jazz and classical influences into their old-timey collage. The band is touring behind a new album, “Something to Someone,” released last week, and comes to Livermore’s Bankhead Theater on Nov. 4 comfort dance shoes georgia. Details: 8 p.m.; $30-$50; 925-373-6800, 7 Golden Gate Symphony and Chorus: The orchestra commemorates the 50th anniversary of China’s “sent-down youth” movement, in which urban youth were dispatched to live and work in rural areas, by performing “Ask the Sky and the Earth,” an oratorio-cantata for orchestra, choir and solo voices by composer Tony Fok and librettist Wei Su. Also on the program being performed twice this weekend are Michael Kimball’s “Remembering for Atonement” and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral.”..

Details: 7:30 p.m. Nov comfort dance shoes georgia. 5 at Mission Dolores Basilica, San Francisco; 2:30 p.m. Nov. 6 at UC Theatre, Berkeley; $20-$35; 8 “My Fair Lady”: The Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Loewe adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” loses some of the biting commentary on class and gender attitudes of the source material, but the show tunes are some of the finest to grace the stage, including “I Could Have Danced All Night,” “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” and “On the Street Where You Live.” Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre is presenting the show at Pleasanton’s Firehouse Arts Center beginning Friday..

Details: Through Nov. 20; $19-$40; 925-931-4848, 9 Le Boeuf Brothers: The New York band led by twin brothers and Santa Cruz natives Remy (sax) and Pascal (piano) Le Boeuf has won raves for its challenging yet engaging jazz that incorporates odd time signatures and hip-hop and electronica styles comfort dance shoes georgia. The pair’s latest album, “Imaginist,” is based on 20th-century Russian poetry and assembled thematically, like a novel. The Le Boeuf Brothers are headed back  to the Bay Area for a pair of shows Nov. 6 and 10, where they’ll be backed by San Francisco’s Friction String Quartet..

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how to measure pointe shoes – ♥ OPTIONSEarrings – One pair of earringsNecklace – One NecklaceSet – One pair of earrings + One Necklace♥ MATERIALSHook:Alloy MetalChain: Alloy MetalPendant: Alloy Metal♥ MEASUREMENTChain: 50cm longHook: 1.8cm longPendant: 1.2cm * 1.8cm♥ CAREKeep it away from water and sweat♥ PackagingThis item is well packed in a small gift boxWould like a custom one? Simply drop me a message, and I'll tailor make it for you!All the items are shipped from Hong Kong with the well-reputed Hong Kong Post. Every item will be shipped WITHOUT a tracking number to minimize your shipping cost.If you have any question or would like more pictures, please do not hesitate to let me know!

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La Marcha: The Berkeley Spanish restaurant presents flamenco every Tuesday, led by guitarist Keni el Lebrijano (aka Kenny Parker), a performance that turns into a jam session as the evening progresses. No cover; how to measure pointe shoes. Flamenco Society of San Jose: The organization offers weekly classes in guitar and dance, arranges lessons and demonstrations in area schools and holds monthly juregas (celebrations) and schedules occasional public. Get more information at

The Thirsty Bear: The San Franisco Spanish restaurant hosts a long-running flamenco session on Sundays with a rotating cast of top Bay Area artists; how to measure pointe shoes. Peña Pachamama: The San Francisco restaurant and performance club features Carolina Lugo and Carolé Acuña’s Ballet Flamenco every Sunday at 7 p.m.; as well as a steady stream of other performers; And check Carolina Lugo and Carole Acuna’s site for information on classes and other performances;

Arte Flamenco de San Jose: The center offers classes, programs for area schools and schedules occasional concerts and performances; Caminos Flamencos: Dancer/teacher Yaelisa and guitarist Jason “El Rubio” McGuire lead this nonprofit arts and educational organization, which presents Gypsy Jazz Meets Flamenco at Ashkenaz in Berkeley at 8 p.m. Nov. 25 ($10-$25; More information on the group is at Baile Flamenco: French-born, Spanish raised dancer and teacher La Tania runs this San Francisco organization, which offers classes and workshops/demonstrations. She is considered one of the region’s most respected educators how to measure pointe shoes. More information:

One of the Bay Area’s top dance companies, a slavery-era drama and a Russian pianist with a thing for Carnegie Hall top our list of cool stuff to do in the Bay Area. 1 Alonzo King LINES Ballet: This is one of the most consistently rewarding dance companies in the Bay Area, not just because of King’s compelling choreography and the talent and athleticism of his dancers but also because he is always cooking up intriguing collaborations and drawing world-class guest artists to his troupe’s performances. This company’s latest new work, debuting this week, is no exception how to measure pointe shoes. On his as-yet untitled work, King is working again with the superb classical bassist Edgar Meyer and Israeli mezzo-soprano Maya Lahyani, a 2010 San Francisco Opera Adler Fellow now based in New York and a regular performer with the Metropolitan Opera. The new work, set to works by Bach, Handel, Schumann and Purcell (performed live) also marks the return of popular former company dancer Meredith Webster as a guest soloist..

Details: Nov. 2-6; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; $35-$80;, 2 “Safe House”: Keith Josef Adkins’ stage drama, drawn from real events involving his ancestors, focuses on the tension that builds between two free African-American brothers when one decides to risk everything by aiding the Underground Railroad. It starts in previews at Berkeley’s Aurora Theatre Company on Nov how to measure pointe shoes. 4. Details: Through Dec. 4; $32-$65; 510-843-4822,

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ROASTED POLITICIANS fitting demi pointe shoes. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both came in for some gentle jokes. Co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood pulled out a duffel bag they called a “basket of deplorables,” which Clinton used to describe some Trump supporters. (Inside was “camo and ammo”). Paisley, meanwhile, channeled Trump when he announced: “This show is rigged!” He said he’d accept the results — only if he won, though he wasn’t nominated for any awards — and referred to his co-host as a “nasty woman” and “crooked Carrie.” Later, he jokingly called Jason Aldean and Brooks & Dunn “bad hombres.” None of the presenters or performers got in on the act, avoiding any politics just days before the election..

BIRTHDAY OVERSHADOWED. The CMAs may have been celebrating their golden anniversary but the awards took place in the national shadow of an even more special event — Game 7 of the World Series, pitting the Cleveland Indians, who last won the Fall Classic in 1948, and the Chicago Cubs, who famously hadn’t won the World Series since 1908. The show was more than half over by the time presenter ESPN broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit made the first on-air reference to the other big show — informing the audience that the Cubs were up in the fifth inning fitting demi pointe shoes. Later, Vince Gill said the Cubs were up 6-3. The CMAs ended with the game in the eighth inning, meaning a whole lot of country stars probably pulled out their phones as soon as Garth Brooks won the top award and the hosts waved goodbye..

PRODUCTION VALUES. The CMAs pulled out all the stops to make their birthday look elegant fitting demi pointe shoes. Sometimes, it worked well, as when Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind” was accompanied by a montage of diverse American faces and when Kelsea Ballerini performed her hit “Peter Pan” in front of two dancers who did an elegant ballet combining muscular aerial work on wires. But sometimes it crashed, as when Little Big Town performed “Better Man” in what looked like a hay field with a wind machine on full force. It was poorly lit, the well-dressed group seemed uncomfortable and it looked like they were performing in truck exhaust..

HELLO, DOLLY. No matter who was going to be the big winner, it was always going to be Dolly Parton’s night and the CMAs did this beloved genre-breaking performer proud. Some of the most skillful and genuine female singers in the genre — Reba, Jennifer Nettles, Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride and Kacey Musgraves — stood facing the country icon and sang some of her hits like “9 to 5” and “Jolene” in a stunning serenade fitting demi pointe shoes. Then she was presented with the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award and quipped, “This is an absolute high for me.” The fact that her acceptance speech was rushed was the only strange note. Chris Stapleton, who won the following award, like a gentleman, offered to give her some of his time..

Finding great flamenco in the Bay Area isn’t hard. Touring stars and resident artists can be found performing on major stages and in cozy restaurants, while highly regarded educators introduce curious beginners to the art form. Here are some upcoming events, leading venues, and top teachers. Diego El Cigala: The Latin Grammy Award-winning vocalist, who broke through in the U.S. with his 2003 collaboration with Cuban piano patriarch Bebo Valdés “Lágrimas Negras,” is one of flamenco’s most charismatic and stylish performers fitting demi pointe shoes. He plays SFJazz in San Francisco Nov. 3-6; $35-$75;

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She added, “Many dads emailed me after the first session saying how much their sons and daughters were talking about ballet.”. The classes were part of a six-week outreach program titled Leaps and Bounds, which seeks to offer professional dance instruction in schools to instill in students a love for dance ballet pointe shoes near me. Sponsored by the Los Gatos Ballet Foundation, the program is available to local underserved schools and is spearheaded by Alison Ahmed, who created the program in 2008 after she was inspired by her daughter’s participation in dance classes at Los Gatos Ballet..

O’Donoghue said she was able to see firsthand the advantages of dance to her students. “Instruction in the arts provides children with freedom of expression within a structured and focused environment that they do not get in other types of activities,” she said. “I enjoyed watching as each one figured out what it was they were doing and how it fit into the whole piece.”. The Los Gatos Ballet is known regionally for its production of “The Nutcracker” at Cupertino’s Flint Center. The company also stages a full-length ballet each spring at West Valley College in Saratoga ballet pointe shoes near me. For more information, visit

A look at the memorable moments at the Country Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday in Nashville, Tennessee. YES, SHE CAME. Pop superstar Beyonce was rumored to be showing up at country music’s big night, which sounded like an unusual pairing that sent social media into a frenzy. Would she do a duet or a solo? Just present? When she did show up, it was in a respectful, boisterous and collaborative performance with the Dixie Chicks of her country-flavored song “Daddy Lessons” from her new album “Lemonade.” Beyonce, who apparently needed no introduction, looked gorgeous in strands of pearls and a hip-hugging Zuhair Murad gown, swaying happily to the sound of a sax solo, boogying while others sang and clapping along. The Dixie Chicks had been covering her song on the road so it made sense to invite her. For her part, Beyonce may have made some new red-state fans. It was a win-win ballet pointe shoes near me.

HONORING THE TWANG. The CMAs elegantly straddled the line between nostalgia and moldy oldies by making elegant nods to past idols and educating new country fans to artists who paved the way like Loretta Lynn, Vince Gill, George Strait and Barbara Mandrell ballet pointe shoes near me. Old clips from previous shows honored those who have died. And when married couple Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood performed an epic medley of country standards, it ended with a lip lock that seemed rooted in genuine love and respect. All night, it was fun to see so many artists in the audience singing along to classics being performed onstage like “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.”..

SONGS, SONGS, SONGS ballet pointe shoes near me. Full credit goes to organizers for front-loading a ton of live music right from the top. A portion of a dozen songs — from Alabama’s “Mountain Music” to Reba’s “Fancy” and Carrie Underwood’s “Stand By Your Man” — took a blistering 10 minutes and gracefully ended with the microphone in the hands of Randy Travis, who has been rehabilitating after a 2013 stroke, and he joined in on the last lines of the song. When Thomas Rhett won single of the year award, he said the sequence left him in tears. The rest of the night was virtually wall-to-wall music, as it should have been..

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As in the best of King’s work, the music in “Meyer” is a collaborator with the dance in a conversation that leads to something greater than the sum of its parts — work that is allusive and poetic. This wasn’t the case in the night’s world premiere, “Art Songs,” set to four classical vocal scores sung slightly off-key by mezzo-soprano Maya Lahyani, whose breathing disrupted her melodic lines. Here LINES never quite left the territory of interpretive dance, despite the great elegance and virtuosity of the dancers and the ethereal beauty of the lighting and costume design (James F. Ingalls and Robert Rosenwasser, respectively) pointe shoe sewing tips.

Alternating between ensemble work and small groups, “Art Songs” became a series of dances where the movement often mimicked the spatial changes in the sound and transformed the dancer into a calligrapher’s brush, rather than an independent agent in conversation with the music. It was made all the more confusing by Lahyani’s presence on stage bedecked in a giant obelisk of a coat (Colleen Quen) that crossed an Elizabethan look with what a purveyor of the dark arts might hope to wear. “Art” did afford the Bay Area audience an opportunity to watch the wonderful Meredith Webster — a nine-year veteran of LINES — return to dance pointe shoe sewing tips. And the new work did find other avenues of expression, as in the final aria, “Dido’s Lament,” by Purcell, one of the most heart-rending songs in the genre of songs by a woman betrayed. But even there the dance mis-stepped: This is the goodbye of a woman who has given up her kingdom for sneaky Aeneas, but King gives us a duet by an equally paired struggling couple (Yujin Kim and Michael Montgomery). Layani’s flaccid delivery and King’s tone-deaf response made for the sorriest “Dido’s Lament” in memory..

Ingrid O’Donoghue’s class at Van Meter Elementary held their own against professional dancers from the Los Gatos Ballet who stopped by to teach the second-graders about ballet stretching, technique and choreography. It may have seemed a little out of place, but Van Meter Elementary School was the backdrop for pirouettes and demi-plies last week, but without the fancy tutus and pointe shoes pointe shoe sewing tips. Dressed in T-shirts, jeans, shorts and leggings, Ingrid O’Donoghue’s class held their own against professional dancers from the Los Gatos Ballet, who stopped by to teach the second-graders about ballet stretching, technique and choreography, as well as how to appreciate the dance form..

Their teacher said she couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the students get excited and amazed “by the fact that professional athletes use the exercises in ballet to strengthen and enhance their abilities in other sports.”. “I think it is an excellent way to introduce all students to the fun, challenge and history of ballet, an activity that many may not have the benefit to experience, both as an option of a sport or exposure to a performing art,” said O’Donoghue pointe shoe sewing tips.

Led by dancers Cindy Huang and Raul Salamanca, students spent the week practicing variations from “The Nutcracker.” The combined dancing experience of Huang and Salamanca made them a formidable pair of teachers. Huang has danced professionally with the Miami City Ballet and performed as a guest artist with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, while Salamanca has danced with Ballet Arizona, Boston Ballet, Les Grand Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and Ballet San Antonio pointe shoe sewing tips. “I really appreciated the professionalism of the instructors,” O’Donoghue said, adding that the dancers “were very capable handling a group of children. They shared their love of their profession and it came across to the students.”..